The Heritage and History of First Baptist Church, West Point, Georgia 

In a small town called West Point, situated along the banks of the Chattahoochee River in West Georgia, a handful of Baptists gathered on September 7, 1849 to organize a church. Four men met: James Whitten,  pastor of the Whitesville Church; C.D. Mallory; James Fuller; and William D. Harrington, pastor of the Providence Church (Alabama).

Twenty-Two persons came by letter, representing the First Baptist Church, LaGrange, the Long Cane Baptist Church, and the Bethlehem and Providence Baptist Churches in Alabama.  

Following the constitution of the West Point Baptist Church of Christ, others were soon added to the membership; and Rules of Decorum and The Covenant and Articles of Faith were adopted. 

The church joined the Western Baptist Association, a part of the Georgia Baptist Convention. First pastor was Otis Smith after the organizational period. Not having a building, the good Methodists of Franklin (the name of West Point then) offered use of their sanctuary. Sunday School would be started at a later date. The first site was the Northwestern corner of Avenue E and East Tenth Street. The Baptists became the third denomination in the small town.

Since the important but meager founding in 1849, so many have faithfully served in bringing us to where we are today. We honor their service and worship the One who has brought us through these almost 160 years. Looking back with gratitude and looking forward with hope, we give the Glory to God!